Smithson & French

Paul Smithson returned to Florida from California in 2010 to discover an active and fertile music scene in Lake County.  He immediately picked up gigs as a solo artist.  After hearing The John French Connection performing one night, he became an immediate fan and knew he would love to perform with the group.

After expressing interest in joining the band, Paul became part of The John French Connection.  Discovering that Paul was also a songwriter, John invited Paul to bring his material into the band.

Sharing both writing and singing responsibilities, they decided it was time for a name change, something that made it less about a band and more about two songwriters.

Paul and John now spend a great deal of their time creating and recording new material, and focus on performing at festivals, house concerts, special events, and benefits as "Smithson & French".

Paul and John circa 2010 Osteen Diner

Paul and John circa 2010 Osteen Diner